Textile and manufacturing quality in premium sportswear has always been the focus of Sapopa’s research. Developing clothes that are suitable for both training and the day-to-day life in an urban context requires the combination of different specialized skills in the fields of technical activewear and ready-to-wear fashion.

Awareness of your training and sport needs and the ability to translate them into garments that are both performing and iconic in terms of style is a challenge that Sapopa has successfully met through accurate selection of the latest generation fabrics: durable, breathable, light to wear, sustainable in the use of raw materials.

Details such as sweat and odour control, the mix of functional fabrics, adaptability and weather-proof capabilities combine with contemporary design applied to models, colours and manufacture, and reflect the latest trends in taste and lifestyle, allowing you to easily combine Sapopa garments with everyday clothing. In order to achieve our goal of offering you a complete but versatile total look, Sapopa focusses its research on the continuous innovation of iconic sportswear clothes such as leggings, tops, tank tops, sweatshirts and dresses suitable for both training and leisure.


Sapopa carefully chooses textile and manufacturing partners in Italy, favouring companies and workshops with proven technical, ethical and social dependability. The design and development of our products are carried out in-house and entrusted to highly specialized, dedicated figures in the fashion, sports & activewear sectors, ensuring the highest quality at each step of the design and garments production cycle.

The principles of Italian sartorial know-how are thus applied to sports and activewear and translated into samples that are unique in terms of cuts, stitching and combinations. These are then entrusted to specialized Italian manufacturers whose work is in compliance with the rules governing supply chain traceability and local labour. The result is activewear that stands out for its quality, durability and style, adding value to leggings, tanks and crop tops, tennis, skirts and dresses, yoga pants and sweatshirts.



Sustainability and innovation: a 360-degree approach that guides Sapopa in all areas, starting from the production of our collections.

Sapopa has a labelling policy enabling customers to identify the technical properties of each garment: features such as breathable, anti-moist, 4 way stretch, muscle compression, UV protection, weather-proof qualities, and use for specific sport disciplines are specified for every leggings, sweatshirt, hoodies, top, and skirt.


The normal cycle production of the supply chain involves the consumption of about 11.000 liters of water to obtain 1kg of fabric: by selecting reliable partners who share our responsible vision, and by choosing to use recycled yarns with a lower environmental impact, we have been able to significantly reduce the water consumption bringing it to an average of 4.000 liters for the same amount of fabric.


Among the recycled and eco-friendly fabrics that best adapt to Sapopa's technical needs, our exclusive customized top 3 are certainly Emana Recycled Wowen, organic cotton and spandex.


We optimize consumptions reducing wasting and CO2 emissions using logistic partners who organize co-sharing transports.


Sapopa’s exclusive trademarked Sleggings are an evolution of the traditional sport leggings, an iconic garment mainly aimed at dance-related disciplines but extremely versatile due to its unique stylistic concept. Inspired by French corsetry in its sartorial design, Sapopa Sleggings are manufactured in premium Italian 4-way stretch lycra with “second skin” fit and seamless finish for maximum comfort and a natural body-enhancing fit.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is distinguished by the high waist, reinforced seams, bustier-effect and contrasting panels, and by its typical built-in back skirt boosting confidence and allowing ease of movement before, during and after training. Our Sleggings reflect our mission to tackle body shaming and promote empowerment, through high-quality garments designed for women who actively live in the present, take charge of themselves and their families, and live their choices responsibly.