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  • Olimpia Mini Dress
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  • Mistral Black Skirt
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    Skort: the union between skirt and short!

    Do you love fitness, but don't want to give up a chic touch? Thanks to our wide assortment of sports skirts you will find the perfect item for you! Simple and comfortable, our skorts are just perfect for many types of sports such as jogging, tennis or short summer mountain hiking. These sporty skirts are made in high quality fabrics, and have particular designs always in line with the latest fashion trends, in fact the materials are breathable, ligh are breathable, light and soft to keep your body cool and dry, and at the same time facilitate all your movements. Discover the selection. Models are available in simple and clean lines, or if you are looking for something extravagant you can find garments in bright colors. Since we have a lot of decorations and colors it won’t take long until you find the perfect skort for you! Where to wear women's sports trousers skirts? The ideal places are, without doubt, sports fields or gyms, especially if combined with a cropped top bra or a tank top, but the extreme versatility of this garment makes it perfect for use even during everyday life. Whatever the occasion, with Sapopa skort you will always shine and be unique!