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  • Vesta Shorts
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  • Dubhe Sleggings
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  • Gemelli Bordeaux Sleggings
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  • Vega Crop Top
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  • Ronda Rouches Sleggings
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    Gym clothing for women

    Are you a fan of fitness and you want to renew your wardrobe for the gym? Or are you starting to take your first steps in this world and need to prepare the bag for gym class? Whatever the answer, we are sure that Sapopa women's gym clothing is the right choice. To make a top quality workout it’s essential to choose clothes that are up to par! Inside a gym, style and comfort are essential to feel at ease, for this reason the Sapopa gym clothing collection includes the famous sleggings, crop tops, gym skirts and much more to allow you to always give your best! Breathable fabrics first of all: Transpiration, support and freedom of movement are necessary features for choosing th clothes for training. Especially for hygiene reasons, it is recommended to choose breathable fabrics! In addition to the dynamic and attractive design that characterize them, our products allow you to obtain high levels of comfort and incredible performance, all this thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and fabrics that guarantee breathability and lightness. Regardless of what your favorite sporting activity is like pole dance or voguing, get ready for your daily routine thanks to our women's exercise clothing, the perfect union between performance and design. In our shop online you will find everything you need such as sports bras, yoga clothing and have no excuse to postpone your workouts.